How do we achieve LumeJet quality?

LumeJet quality is no accident - it is fundamental to our existence and at the heart of every stage of what we do - from receiving the initial image file, to printing, processing and reviewing.

We believe the results speak for themselves.

We start with printing in continuous tone - the inherent benefit of silver halide that confers an immediate advantage over any ink or toner-based system. Next, we have revolutionised the entire process of creating a pixel of colour and placing it on the page so that every single pixel is a perfect 'unit cell'. Finally, integrated 32-bit colour management and a clear, objective, colour-checking process ensure that our colour accuracy is second-to-none and checked image-by-image.

LED Graphic.jpg

Step 1

Create continuous tone with true high resolution at a constant 400ppi.

step 2

Make it precise, to ensure that every pixel is produced identically.

step 3

Manage colour perfectly at every stage of the production process.