Bringing traditional silver halide printing into the 21st century.



At LumeJet Print Technologies, we are passionate about printing beautiful photography and design for the world's most discerning photographers and creatives. Our products combine the traditional feel and beauty of the world's most successful photographic medium with the precision and flexibility of modern digital image processing and our own proprietary 400ppi continuous tone print technology.

The result? Extraordinary, natural, photographic print quality, that breathes life into prints. Allied with the ability to print pin-sharp text and graphics if required.


A new type of print, which we are proud to call the 'L.Type'

If you are a company with an existing interest in the photography or printing worlds, and serve customers or members who are interested in the very best, then LumeJet offers world-beating silver halide printing for ultra-high quality photographic and commercial applications, including sheet prints and lay-flat books.

What is more, our approach to business is completely revolutionary, too: designed to help you service your most demanding customers with maximum flexibility, for minimum up-front investment, and with complete alignment of interests between us.


A new type of business model, which we are proud to call 'Printing as a partnershiP'

We only work with a small number of partners - each in a clearly-defined market. We offer those partners the chance to differentiate themselves. Partners can offer L.Type prints directly to their customers, using our brand, with absolute confidence that their customers are getting the very best. In short, when your customers' print really matters, and 'almost perfect' just won't do, then LumeJet offers the solution.


All photography copyright Jonathan Glynn-Smith.

Why do we exist?


Professional photographers, consumers and businesses routinely use stunning photographic and display technology that did not exist 10 years ago - cameras now offer up to 100MP, 48-bit capture, and 20+MP is routine; images can be displayed on super-high resolution portable devices, 4K televisions and projectors, all now available with high dynamic range technology - and technology keeps advancing. And yet: even the best display devices will never match the emotional reaction triggered by a beautiful print. 


We aim to address three fundamental issues in the print market

  1. Photo print quality is normalising, not improving, not ‘wowing’ - put simply, not keeping up with displays. Often, print quality seems almost an afterthought.
  2. Everybody has access to the same printing equipment.
  3. All else being equal (service levels, quality) price is the last differentiator.

We believe that something has been lost with recent 'advances'. Silver halide paper is a beautiful, sensitive medium, with an effectively infinite range of colours and a ‘feel’ that remains unique and brings many photographs to life. And yet, today, the companies that use this media and still set the quality bar are using old imaging technology and an old business model. There has been little advancement in 15 years to maintain what we believe is silver halide’s rightful place at the pinnacle of photo printing. 


What makes LumeJet so special?

  • LumeJet has launched a unique level of print quality previously unachievable with any technology. 
  • LumeJet owns this technology and does not sell printing machines.
  • We aim to offer a very small number of partners a fully-outsourced premium photo, print and book block service - we call it 'Printing-as-a-partnership'.
  • Our partners are the only companies that can offer LumeJet quality. 
  • Our goal is to enable our partners to differentiate a portion of their business through quality and realise a clear, defensible, long-term margin premium for that quality. We enable a race to the top on quality, not a race to the bottom on price. 
  • We are developing a new print head system that will operate at industry-beating speeds and cost, while maintaining or exceeding our current print quality. We believe this will revolutionise the silver halide print market.     
  • We do promote and sell our print directly to photographers, under our own brand. We do this to establish market awareness of our prints and our value proposition, and the better to understand customers' needs.

No other print service company in the world can offer its customers any meaningful exclusivity. This is because no other print company owns its own technology; they simply print with the same kit as their competitors. Working with LumeJet is a lasting, defensible, investment in your company’s premium market position. 

our core beliefs

Everything we do is guided by the view that print cannot stand still...

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the issues we address

There are really five key issues and misconceptions that we aim to solve: they may not all apply to you, but many will...

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There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse, and sell a little cheaper, and he who considers price only is that man’s lawful prey”
— Attributed to John Ruskin