Since 2000, we have been fired by one objective: to allow silver halide to become, once more, the medium of choice for the most demanding print applications


the world's only 400Ppi true continuous tone printer

Silver halide has long been seen by photographers as the most natural, beautiful, medium for photographic printing. However, a lack of precision hampered its use for printing text and graphics. We wanted to change all that, and we have. We have developed the world's only 400 ppi true continuous tone printer - equivalent to at least 4,000 dpi in half-tone printing. Our photographic prints are truly stunning. But in addition, for the first time, beautiful photography can be printed alongside pin-sharp text and graphics. Designers' and photographers' true creativity can be released.


A revolutionary new business model

Not content with developing the world's best printer, we decided to bring it to market in a completely new way. Every other printer manufacturer wants to sell their printers - and as many as possible. That commoditises the market for printing and destroys your ability to differentiate yourself from your competitors. We will never sell a printer. Instead, we invented Printing-as-a-Partnership.

We want to work with a very small number of partners world-wide, allowing them to differentiate themselves from their competitors by bringing the best printing in the world to those of their customers who value our quality. We want to relieve our partners of the burden of investment, and of maintaining expensive equipment at peak performance. Not to mention the difficulties of servicing all the needs of their most demanding customers. When you work with LumeJet, you will always have access to the very best we can offer, in a completely outsourced service. The result? Support for your brand; higher return on capital; greater revenues per customer; complete, ongoing, control over your customer relationships. Even if you already offer a premium service, we are confident that we can offer you still higher unit margins, while delighting your customers at the same time.


THE future

Our current machines are just the beginning. What we call project LumeBar will revolutionise silver halide printing - improving on our current output quality, but also allowing us to print at any width, at speeds well in excess of 1 metre per second. At that point, our partners will have access to the fastest, most flexible, and highest quality printing in the world. If you believe that could help you strategically, do contact us.


When I first met LumeJet, I was rather sceptical...until I saw their product. It truly is beautiful, and I immediately wanted to get involved.
— Jonathan Glynn-Smith - Leading photographer and commercials director