However well we describe our product, there is quite simply no substitute for seeing it in the flesh. What we describe above as a 'brochure' is like nothing you've ever seen before: a beautiful L.Type book block printed on a variety of media and entirely on our own machines. There is no better way to gain an appreciation of what we have to offer, and we would be delighted to send you one on request. It would help us tailor the content better if you could give us a little more information about your interest, current activities and objectives via the form below.

If, however, you would prefer that we simply print some L.Type test images for you, we would be equally delighted to do so. For the very best results, we ask that you send us photographic images in any mainstream photographic format in a size and resolution that will do our printing justice - so, ideally, with at least 4,000 pixels on the short side of the original image (and up to 16,000 pixels along the long side). Alternatively, if you would like us to print your own test book, feel free to send us a print-ready pdf - again, remembering that we print at 400ppi. Whatever you send us, we find that it helps if you know and value the photographs - because then, you will appreciate just how much better they look, and how much they come to life, when printed as L.Types.

You can send us any files via wetransfer to or use the button below:


Please also complete the registration information in the form below so that we can contact you with any questions and tailor our response to your needs.


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