Our print is completely different to any other print because it is the world's only 400ppi true continuous tone print. We call it the "L.Type"


The LumeJet process is ideally suited to the production of stunning, natural, photographic prints, fine art prints, book jackets, pitches & proposals, and large-format layflat books. The word 'natural' is important: we want our customers' photographs to look the best they can, but above all their images should shine through, beautiful and unadulterated.

We have two core products: sheet prints and lay-flat book blocks. We can supply these unfinished direct to you or to your customers, or we can liaise with third parties (including our own approved suppliers and partners) to provide a full, outsourced finishing service.

We sell our own products under the L.Type brand. Our partners have the option of also selling our L.Type branded products, or selling the same amazing print quality under their own brand.



photographic/ sheet printing

LumeJet takes photographic printing to the next level – with higher resolution and sharpness than conventional silver halide (C-Type) processes, excellent colour fidelity and high dynamic range. Most importantly, an L.Type photographic print looks natural and best represents what the photographer sees.  As display and camera technology improves, LumeJet is the company that can best take advantage of that in print. 

For fine art prints and exhibition printing, only the best is good enough. Artists, photographers and their customers expect to see the details, and the L.Type's ultra-high resolution really lets you appreciate all the brushstrokes and textures. For colour fidelity, photographic prints are second to none, matching a vast range of colours, including metallics and neons, on media that is colour-fast and light stable for many, many years without additional protective coatings. 

Where relevant - e.g. for books - the L.Type print can combine – for the first time, and on the same page – true contone photographic image quality with crisp fine lines and the sharpest text ever seen on a true photo print (right down to 2-point size, reversed out of a coloured background). This liberates design professionals from any concern about optimum output resolution for type or photographic images. Our printing is so fine and so exact that it is also possible to imprint security marks or print numbers that are essentially invisible to the naked eye - making production of limited editions and elimination of fakes much easier.

We print on a 305mm (12") cut sheet that is up to 1000mm (39") long. This allows us to produce any size image enlargement with a short edge of up to 12", including A3, 16"x12" and 39" x 12" panoramas. We print exclusively on the full range of Fuji Crystal Archive Professional photo papers, including the latest ultra-thin XS papers for book production.

A LumeJet lay-flat book block in a Booked Images book  (www.bookedimages.com )

A LumeJet lay-flat book block in a Booked Images book (www.bookedimages.com)

layflat book blocks and finished books

We have the latest ISAG lay-flat book block equipment and produce lay-flat book blocks with spread dimensions up to 12" x 38" - easily able to accommodate an A3 landscape lay-flat book. We use the full range of Fuji Crystal Archive Professional photo papers, including DPII papers, the fingerprint-resistant HDX Pro papers and the new ultra-thin XS range. With thicker papers, our books can contain up to 40 spreads. The XS range allows a higher number. Pages can be bonded with and without boards between sheets, depending on the required thickness of the end product. We currently only produce book blocks ourselves: books can be bound using your own suppliers, or by our own partners as required.