LumeBar - the scale-up opportunity

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LumeJet today is a lower-volume, high-end process for the most demanding of applications and customers. However, a partnership today with LumeJet is a stepping-stone to both high-end quality and scale. 

We know where we are going, we know how to get there and we have proven we can do it.

LumeJet is already developing a high-speed print head and it will be a transformational technology, offering our ultra-high quality but at a speed that makes it volume and cost competitive with any other real photo process.

The current printhead images at a linear speed of 1.5m per second (5,400m/hour) but in
perpendicular, narrow, single-pass swathes across the page.

The new print head uses new LED and micro-optics technology and will operate with the
same print speed but continuously at full roll width.

LumeBar will enable the fastest printing on silver halide available. The quality of the image is expected to be equal to or better than we achieve today.

The route to market will be via those partners that have worked with us using our current technology. Those companies that support us today, and profit with us today, will be the companies that first have the opportunity to benefit from this breakthrough.